Civic Friche is out. Our investigation of France’s marginal sites, reclaimed territories and rogue peoples’ palaces is explored in a collaborative publication, the culmination of a Taubman College traveling studio.

A paradoxical coupling of terms – the institutional with the abandoned civic friche refers to the tactical appropriation of marginal sites for public function. Our research investigates the most important examples of this phenomenon and includes Le Channel, Alveole 14, Le 104, Le Pass, Cite du Design, among others. Conversations with the architects, landscape architects, scenographers, politicians, and artists involved in the design and implementation of civic friche strategies contributed to our understanding of the social, political, historical and urbanistic contexts that have contributed to emergence of this urban typology. Next step: to speculate how some of these tactics can be applied to a North American environment.


PROJECT: Civic Friche, Journal of Emergent Urbanity, Volume 1
PHASE: Completed 
TYPE: Publication 
SCALE: 121 pages 
YEAR: 2010 
COLLABORATORS: Jean Louis Farges, Anya Sirota
TEAM: Ivan Adelson, Katie Baldwin, Lauren Bebry, Jordan Buckner, Nathan Doud, Bruce Findling, Mo Harmon, Jackie Kow, Noureen Lakhani, Kayla Lim, Erika Lindsay, Talia Pinto-Handler, Matt Nickel, Brittany Roy, Devon Stonebrook, Lauren Vasey, Tyler Willis
TAGS: Architecture, CombesRenaud, Landscape, Photography, Publication, Reclamation, Urbanism