The Civic Friche exhibit is an inhabitable diagram of research conducted by students at Taubman College during a semester-long program in France. The work looks at an emergent urban typology – one we have termed Civic Friche – and explores France’s compelling new strategies for reclamation, appropriation and reuse. The exhibit explores seven examples of civic friche projects in depth by analyzing the social, cultural, political and economic contexts connected to their design and realization.


PROJECT: Civic Friche
PHASE: Completed
CITY: Ann Arbor
TYPE: Exhibit
SCALE: Taubman College Gallery
YEAR: 2010
COLLABORATORS: Jean Louis Farges, Anya Sirota
TEAM: Ivan Adelson, Katie Baldwin, Lauren Bebry, Jordan Buckner, 
Nathan Doud, Bruce Findling, Mo Harmon, Jackie Kow, Noureen Lakhani, 
Kayla Lim, Erika Lindsay, Talia Pinto-Handler, Matt Nickel, Brittany
Roy, Devon Stonebrook, Lauren Vasey, Tyler Willis
PHOTO CREDITS: Peter Smith Photography
TAGS: Architecture, Installation, Urbanism, Reclamation