by Steven Christensen

Zoom @ LA Art Show: day 1 of installation

Zoom featured in Archinect review by Steven Christensen

Editorial Manager Amelia Taylor-Hochberg covers the exhibition at the A+D Museum. Check out the article here.

ZOOM featured in LA Weekly by Steven Christensen

Nice write up in LA Weekly: “Steven Christensen and Mads Christensen’s Zoom is easily the most resolved and architectural piece in the show, and simultaneously fits each size mentioned in the title S, M, L, XL.”


by Steven Christensen

Here are a few photos of ZOOM, a {No Relation} installation on view at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles through August 31st. {No Relation} is an interdisciplinary collaborative between Mads Christensen and Steven Christensen Architecture. 

by Steven Christensen

Sneak peek of ZOOM, courtesy of the Instagram photo booth set up at the museum.

Join us for the opening of our installation at the A+D Museum! by Steven Christensen

Friends! Please join us for the opening of our installation at the A+D Museum as part of the Los Angeles Design Festival. (XS: ZOOM is a project by NO RELATION, a collaborative venture of Steven Christensen Architecture and Mads Rune Christensen).


ZOOM by Steven Christensen

The Architecture + Design Museum has selected our proposal, ZOOM, to be installed in the museum this summer as part of their S,M,L,XLA exhibition.

S,M,L,XLA by Steven Christensen

The A+D Museum has identified us as a finalist for their upcoming S,M,L,XLA exhibiton.