Christensen coordinating A.UD 412 graduate studio at UCLA by Steven Christensen


This quarter Steven will be coordinating A.UD 412, the second studio in the MArch 1 sequence at UCLA. The studio is focused on structure and organization, and the student's final project will be a branch library in downtown LA. 

Cal Poly Pomona Lecture by Steven Christensen

Looking forward to today's lecture! Thanks again to Cal Poly Pomona for the invitation!

General Manifold spotted at 'Right Now' symposium at SCI-Arc by Steven Christensen

2015-09-26 SCIArc Right Now.jpg

We had a deadline and couldn't make it, but a friend of the office snapped this pic during Session Two: International Practice, Publicity, and Iconicity Provocation. We have no idea what was discussed, or who won the battle this image suggests. Looking forward to seeing the video once it's posted!

Christensen leading Advanced Topic Studio at UCLA by Steven Christensen

Tomorrow is Fall Lottery Day at UCLA, and Steven will be presenting his Advanced Topic Studio entitled Parts & Labor. The studio is open to graduate students in their third and final year of the Master in Architecture I program, and will focus on the manner in which the form and performative roles of the coffer has changed over the last 2000 years in response to transformations in technology and construction methods. Students will speculate on new possibilities for this element that reflect the present material/labor ecology, one that has transformed substantially since the 20th century. 

Getting Ready to RUMBLE by Steven Christensen

We are looking forward to tomorrow's final review for the AUD401 studio at UCLA. Our studio looked at the work of Eero Saarinen through the lens of tectonics. Many thanks to the students and jury!

by Steven Christensen

Back in LA after an excellent two days of final reviews at the University of Michigan. Thanks Taubman College for being such a gracious host!

by Steven Christensen

Winter Quarter final reviews at UCLA. 

by Steven Christensen

Final reviews at UCLA for the AUD 411 graduate design studio

by Steven Christensen

Some experimentation with diamond vault typologies in preparation for this fall’s graduate studio at UCLA.

Some experimentation with diamond vault typologies in preparation for this fall’s graduate studio at UCLA.